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Montag, 7. Mai 2012

Iris Apfel Launches Exotic Handbag Collection Called ‘Extinctions’

Everyone’s favorite fashionable nonagenarian just added yet another category to her growing fashion empire: handbags. The line will sell in department stores and, like its designer, it sounds…eccentric, to say the least.
First of all, it’s called ‘Extinctions.’ Why? Apfel’s business partner, Lisa Nunziata told WWD, “When I met Iris, I told her I’m the last of a dying breed, and she shot back, ‘If you’re the end of a dying breed, then I must be extinct.’” And voila.
Also, the bags are made of exotic materials like Mongolian lamb, calf hair and snakeskin, though they’re priced pretty reasonably at $228-$398. They chose the shape of a dodo bird for the hang tags. “It’s an odd bird, like me,” Apfel told the trade. And judging by these photos, the bags will fit in with Apfel’s more-is-more aesthetic. Don’t expect any tiny clutches from the collection, either. “Plus I like big bags,” she told WWD. “My eyeglasses are so big they don’t fit into smaller bags.”
Extinctions is one of several projects she’s embarked on over the past couple of years, which includes an eyewear collection with Eyebobs, a jewelry line with HSN and a M.A.C. makeup collection. “I have a lot of creative juices — I like to use them up or it chokes me,” she said.

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